Again rust in kadri. The Slavonus had ruled Gorosit, Stephanic, and Peltier

BRATISLAVA. The leadership of the Slovak football club ŠK Slovan Bratislava, after the autumn of the Fortuna League, has decided to change the cadre.

“Belasi” is no longer counting the services of Erik Čikos, David Hudak, Nicolas Gorosit, Lester Peltier, Patrick Saba, Timothy Zahumenski and Samuel Stefanik, whose club has entered the transfer list.

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After the end of the autumn, the leadership of the Slovan has comprehensively evaluated the results and performances of the A-team, and on the basis of this analysis decided on the first changes in the cadre. //

After a winter break, there will be some changes in the Klub Slovan Bratislava. Some Thunder First Comes to Con…Published by ŠK Slovan Bratislava on Monday, December 21, 2015

“As I have mentioned in the past several times, we want to build a strong team that will be competitive on the European scene. It would be a waste of time for both parties to continue with us so Slovan Bratislava does not count in the spring part with the services of Erik Čikas, David Hudak, Nicolas Gorosit, Lester Peltier, Patrik Saba, Timotei Zachumenski and Samuel Stefanik. The trophy of the young players Filip Ďuriš, Lukáš Gašparovič, Róbert Matejka, who are members of the wider A-team cadre or juniors, would be allowed to host in order to gain the necessary gaming experience.These players have the chance to convince us of their abilities and to fight for their future in Slovan. We are interested in hosting the goalkeeper Martin Krnáč. After considering all pre and proti, we decide whether to release it, “said vice president and member of ŠK Slovan Ivan Kmotrík ml.

According to him, the club with players broke in good.

“As for Erik Čikas, we did not agree on the terms of the contract. His performance has not been so stable that we are 100% convinced of his more sustainable future in Slovan.We offered him a reasonable contract from our point of view, but our ideas did not match, “added The Hyacinth Milk.

Slovan during the winter break will use the transfer market to improve the quality of the cadre.

There must also be a reinforcement of the cadre. We want to fight for the double that we need the right footballers. We have several players and some are in the final stage. One new player, with whom we agreed on the conditions, should join a team soon. Since the signing of the contract, we have only a medical check-up that he should undergo on January 7th. Other transfers are at the stage of solution. We talk about the conditions with another pair of footballers.We still want to test their performance in the preparation, and then we will decide on their possible engagement, “the vice president of Slovan said.”

Before leaving for the holidays, the Slavs were still undergoing physical tests. The change may be more.

“I would be glad if we managed to reach the successful end of the acquisition of at least three or four players. We know where we need to reinforce the team, but we certainly do not go for quality at the expense of quality. For us, it is especially important for new reinforcements to be of benefit to our team and move it to a higher level.If we did not get the right player right now, we’d be looking for a temporary solution in the form of hosting, and we will be preparing high quality transitions for the summer season, “added Ivan Kmotrík ml.