Baros is glad he still plays a group of European League

terryStriker Milan Baros have fulfilled one of the goals on which the pre-season came from Mlada Boleslav to Liberec. Slovan year-old footballer after Thursday’s victory 3: 0 over Larnaca advanced to the core group of the European League and now wishes to los attributed his rival club from England.

“This is the second consecutive year, what guys, or now and I with them, were able to advance. It is a huge success because the team is very young. For the players, this may mean that they can sell to Europe. It is not a coincidence that twice consecutive advance to the Cup. He will come six other nice games, for some it may be a milestone in their career. We are glad for them that did it, “he told reporters Baros.

Basic Cup group will play for the first time since involvement in Galatasaray Istanbul. “In two months I will be 35. I am glad for that process. I wish Manchester, go look back to England. I believe that when you toss it works,” said the former Liverpool player, Aston Villa and Portsmouth.

Thursday against Larnaca Baros showed excellent performance and it was full field. “I think the team we played well, we managed to all of us. The taste in football I still have, in the last season I did in Boleslav much uploaded. I went to Liberec with the fact that I wanted to play more. So far it is succeeding. health and physically I’m fine. This partial success motivates us to do more work, “said Baros.

In the eighth minute insolent intrusion up the first goal for Jan Sykora, later author of a hat-trick. “He opened it there a little space worked my ball. Opponents I parted, I threw the ball between them. I saw Sýkora at the front post and I tried to hit him. He do what would be in retaliation kicked, it would have ended in gate, “laughed the second best scorer in the history of the Czech national team.

When alternated 83 minutes, the audience gave him a standing ovation. “When was the last time I experienced it, I can really remember,” said Baros. “People were fantastic, I would like to make so many of them even went to the league. Terribly help us. It is their work that we managed it today,” he added.