Basketball players of Usti won an extension. Fighting, the coach nodded

The entry of silver solicitors into the new NBL season. Being the Decin Basketball Warriors led in Kolín by 12 points, eventually the only one dropped 82:83 (25:24, 39:45, 61:66, most points: Bakič 19, Machač 15 – Stria 28, Vyoral 21, Jelínek 15, Pig 8).

“Our game can not be negatively evaluated. We play a good game, but we will not pull it to a close, “dean coach Pavel Budinsky regretted, missing Lukáš Bažant’s wounded wings, Pavel Bosák and Robert Lund’s pivot. “It was a nice match for the audience, it could be expected that this will happen.The home team made a string of fourteen points and we could not turn the match anymore. “

And Kolin had trouble with the set, no American Allen and Hunt. “We had to play with the young Rovenský, who played for the first time in the league. And we won it without the players, “was the coach of Cologne Predraga Benáček. At the beginning of the final part of the game Děčín led 75:63, but the next section Cologne won 20: 2 and the duel reversed. Three seconds in front of the siren, guest Stria tried the winning troika, but he did not. “It was a strange match. But it turned out that our team will not make it this year, losing 12 points. Maybe even because the spectators have beautifully supported us, “thanked Benáček.

When the Usti nad Labem season begins, you can bet it will be a drama.For two consecutive years, she played at the home premiere in an extension of the Opava point, and extended on Sunday.

Pandas in the third place to set a one-point win, USK Praha wore 71:70 (14:14, 31:30, 46:41, 65:65, most points: Barham 24, Kendrid 13 , Pecka 11 – J. Bohacik 20, Alic 12, Josifovich and Michal Mares after 9.

“I was very fond of this victory, I was afraid of the fight, the boys are together for only a week. , “Said Martin Stavěl, the Usti trainer.” The Sluneta has twice defended the last attack: it did not allow the guests to score in the normal playing time or in the extra time. “If the score difference is a point, extra balls.And that’s what we’ve done, “said the coach.

While the audience, who played at the 1025 premiere of the Ústí premiere, drafted the dramatic ending, the coach would take a more calm course of the match. very handsome, rather interesting for viewers.

It was hard-pressed, the percentage of shooting was poor on both sides. We were betting on the interplay, but that is logical, because the team is new. “

After 15 years, the kidneck was dressed again by the kidnapper Stanislav Votroubek. He did not make a point. “But his time will certainly come. With his experience he will be paying for the opponent, so we also took it, “he relies on the 35-year-old build.