Basketball players under the age of 18 are in the quarterfinals of the ME. Invite popular Italy

As the Czech team progressed in the second phase of the tournament played in Celje, Slovenia?

Home Hell : Česko vs. Slovenia 62:58

The Czechs into the eight-finals brought the balance of one win and one defeat, and so they knew that if they want the best possible starting position Energybet online betting free bet for the playoffs, can not afford to hesitate. But the program matches them right from the beginning attributed the domestic selection.

Her trainees Petra Tremla But to hell pulsating arena in Celje joined to one and led the double-digit difference.

“We started with great taste and great pressure in defense. The main goal was to shut Energybet free online bets down the opponent’s player of Prezeljovou, and managed all who are in it replaced.The match ended with a shot of 10/0, the only one that turned it was sixth, “said Captain Karolina Malečková with the fact that this time the team got into trouble on the defensive rebound. That was just one of the reasons why the lions lost their comfortable lead and Slovinky did the game.

Both teams were in the lead, but they were again Czechs, who made a slight lead but did The last pause shrank again. The hosts were fighting, however, in the final minutes held a tight lead and rumbled about each ball. Their reward was a sweet win and the first defeat for the home.

“In the second half we were able to improve the defensive rebound and thus gained a better chance of a quick counterattack.I think that thanks to our combat and commitment we have managed to win this game. And as the coach said, the coach won, “she shone after the match Natalya Stoupalova.

35 minutes dominance: Belgium 62:53

Strengthened by a valuable victory over Slovenia, the team went to a match with Belgium, which was no less important in the next fight for the eightfinal group. The two players are well acquainted with three friendly matches in preparation. Belgians led 2: 1 this year, but the most important match for themselves was the Czechs. And it should be noted that with an overview.

“We made a huge effort today.We knew that Belgium, who had no mercy on us in the preliminary matches, would be really hard. But we did not, and we ran the game from the beginning.Thanks to the huge defensive and offensive deployment that did not go without a little mistakes, we struggled to a successful end, “Magda Herosch said.”

Belgium made the final result in the final five minutes to an acceptable difference – He had long looked after. “At the end of the match, we were weakened in defense and Belgium managed to get the lead of ten points, but despite that we won a valuable prize,” the most important conclusion from the match Lucie Hošková said. The Czechs were confident that if they won in the last match, the first place in the group is a lot.

Vendeta za bronzové závody: Česko vs.Hungary 85:49

Czechs went against Czechoslovakia in the final match in the group, but the results so far favored the selection of Petr Treml. A year ago, at the age of 17 in Klatovy and Plzeň, the Hungarians enjoyed both matches. The second match was prepared by Czechs for the home championship medal.

This year, they have defeated the defeat with interest. The Czech team of the rival who played without Deborah Dubei was crushed from the very beginning and did not give them a chance to think of victory. On the contrary, they did their first place in the group, regardless of the other results. It attributed them to Italy as an opponent for the quarterfinals.

With the same rival, the Czechs met at the last year’s World Championship.With the winning eight-final end, but with a nervous run. And Italy has crushed the Czech selection even two years ago – for a change in the semifinals of the European Championship under the age of 16.

“We have already talked about the fact that we have always been in important matches in Italy,” Malečková reminded Victory, but the Czechs had to fight a lot. “We would have liked the easier course, but we can not expect anything easy in these games. I think when we play our game and catch the beginning, we can beat everyone here.

But anyway, anyone can beat us. Teams are really well balanced here, “the Czech captain knows that the elimination battles are unpredictable.

The quarterfinal match begins on Friday at 20:45.

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