Blatter during his appeal testified at the arbitration nearly 15 hours

snejderFormer President of the International Football Federation FIFA Sepp Blatter testified at Thursday’s hearing nearly 15 hours on the Sports Court of Arbitration (CAS) in the case of his appeal against a six-year ban on football. It is expected that the three-member commission hands down a verdict for several weeks.

“I hope it will be positive,” said the octogenarian Swiss reporters before the start of the hearing. If he fails, he may still appeal to the Swiss Federal Court. But the CAS verdict reversed only in the event that the hearing of the case finds procedural irregularity.

Blatter was punished last December for breach of ethical rules for suspects reward for the head of UEFA Michel Platini. That in 2011 he paid two million Swiss francs (about 50 million) without any evidence. Originally an eight-year sentence to the FIFA Appeal Committee later reduced to two years. Both officials say it was a reward for counseling based on their verbal agreement.

Platini appeals dealt with CAS in May. Former football star just dropped a ban on activity in football from six to four years. Platini subsequently resigned as president of the European Football Union UEFA, the new head should be chosen in September at a meeting in Athens.

Blatter last year due to massive corruption scandal, FIFA ended up as chairman, a post he held since 1998. Platini was originally among the candidates for the position and was considered the favorite, after an affair with a payment but ultimately the election intervened. Blatterovým successor was elected in February another Swiss Gianni Infantino.