Brilliant trio is servile to themselves. The boss is afraid that their pay will not last

BRATISLAVA. He tore apart the shirt and bandaged forehead a white ribbon with the words 100% Jesus. And then Neymar da Silva Junior under siege photographers knelt on his knees and prayed.

“On this match I dreamed since I was six. I experience the most beautiful moments of life, “he told media Neymar. As the first player in the history of the Champions League has proved Rifle enforce both quarter-finals, both semi and the final.

His third goal in stoppage time completed the most important football match of the year.Barcelona defeated in the final of the Champions League, Juventus 3: 1.

A main characters was again phenomenal trio of Messi – Neymar – Suárez.

“To win such a contest, you must suffer. Only later to appreciate. Today we won the game in which we suffered. To win the Champions League with the club, which I always dreamed of something amazing, “said Suárez.

betting issue a final before a bizarre exchange rate of 100: 1, and again bitten someone.Uruguajčan but held his nerve and he just gave the second and decisive goal final.

Before the season, while Barcelona risked for him when he paid a record eighty million eur.Kliknite you the pictures of the final

For punishment to bite the opponent was not allowed to play four months, until the end of October.

Suarez argued that survived the greatest suffering of his career. But he did not give up.Continued article belongs to premium content You too you can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Order Save € 1.80, compared with a monthly subscription Monthly subscription from 0.98 € 0.98 € Order Price valid for new subscribers the first month. Other months are for a price of € 3.90.