Chelsea in trouble. On the other hand, United defeated Liverpool and also celebrated Bohemia

“Because of our quality, the results are too bad. Players would deserve much more. Now, of course, it’s so easy to criticize both me and the player. But I totally disagree, “said José Mourinho, coach Chelsea.

The defeat of Chelsea was ruled by the substitute Naismith, the author of the Hattrick. 9 minutes into the game, Bešiče was injured. And eight minutes later, in Chelsea’s penalty area, he headed to the center on the left, headed to the net.

It was two goals in the 22nd minute.Naismith reached a goal just outside the penalty area and increased the score to 2-0 on the ground.

The Chelsea Gate defended Begovic, replacing the injured Courtoise in the squad.

Halfway through a single shot at the gate. Macec really missed her, but Chelsea did not match the pressure. In the 82nd minute, Naismith finished 3: 1.

Five matches – one win, three defeats. This is a bad introduction to the season for Chelsea. And also the chance for competitors to fight for the title to make a decisive lead at the beginning of the year.

For example, the Manchester City manager has not even lost a point. Did not even score a goal…This time he won 1: 0 at the Crystal Palace, although he decided to win the last minute of Iheanacho.

For a long time, Manchester City seemed to hesitate for the first time in the season. The worst attacker Agüero had to leave the field in the 25th minute. This was replaced by De Bruyne, who scored the first minute after coming from Wolfsburg.

Both goalkeepers held a net account until the 90th minute when the home McCarthy surrendered. His first goal in the Premier League was scored by the eighteen-year-old striker Iheanacho, who was on the pitch for a minute. Manchester City won the first five league matches for the first time since 1912/13.

In the first half of the Manchester United – Liverpool duel, neither of the teams produced a shot at the goal.But after a break he sent home after Mat’s ground pass to the lead of Blind.

I Liverpool got in several chances, but United held the goalie De Gea, who captured the first match this season. In the 70th minute of the penalty shoot-out, Gomez’s foul raised the lead of Herrera.

The chance for the guests crashed in the 84th minute by the Benteke acrobatic shot, which has won in the last three matches against Manchester United: twice behind Aston Villu , once behind Liverpool. But two minutes later he adjusted the score to 3: 1 Martial.

He is also celebrating Arsenal for which the goalkeeper of Bohemia again.He retained a clean account again, so he contributed to a 2-0 win over Stoke.

Right at the start of the match, Sánchez made three big chances, but Stoke kept goal but Butland and goalie. After a half-hour of play, the London team was rejoicing in the leadership – after Walter Ozdil’s passport, Walcott was successful. Then he had to hit Josel’s shot against the Czechs, who picked up the third clean account behind.

And in the second half they had the home dominance and in the end the Arsenal helped alternate Giroud striker.

Swansea surprisingly lost on the ground of Watford, only one goal scored by Ighalo. Favorit did not use a 26-minute power play.