Creative fans Plzne touched Bakoš: Little sense to play here, they are the best

PLZEŇ – The weekend of the highest soccer competition in the Czech Republic between Pilsen and Liberco (2: 1) brought a lot of emotions on the pitch and the point of view. In addition to the players of both teams, fans of Plzeň were also in the lead. When the Slovak soccer player in the Liberca jersey Marek Bakoš was about to turn in the 80th minute, a part of the home tribune arose. By chanting his name, fans clearly made it clear that they did not forget about the time when he was dressed for Victoria’s jersey. . “I started to chant your name. at that moment he will say that it makes sense to play here and sacrifice something.”

p> The fans of Plzne were “extremely creative” on Saturdays on banner links, and they also strongly supported their defender David Limbersky, who was not invited to join a Czech ally for an alcohol-related traffic accident, and a traffic incident after which he publicly apologized, after a four-day trip he had made it easier to pretend to run a car during a glorious celebration, with a high penalty in the club and stripping him of the captain’s ribbon.Fans gave his opinion on the football league and his leadership in the Limbers case with a banner: he makes fun of himself, some of us.”Fans Pilsen did not have enough and because of the Limbersky obul to the handicapped Czech cyclist Jiří Ježek, who on the social network ironically “The Saturday match ended with Pilsen’s victory 2: 1 and the home team got to the second position in the table Synot Leagues just in front of Liberec One of two goals of Victory was scored also by Slovakian representative Michal Ďuriš, who won the 27th-year striker in the fourth league match in the series. “ The first half was not good on our side. We missed the move and Liberec was on top.I have to praise Slovan because he played fast and combined football. Paradoxically, we have only begun to overcome the opponent after the winning goal that woke us up. “ scored the 8th round of the round Michal Ďuriš.