Czech mafia at the Devils farm. Možkovi a spol. Just enough money to eat

For a little money, you have to say a lot of music. And to score, otherwise you will not see the vision of the general manager of the first team! Shuffling the cliché is a true American Hockey League that has been oiled by 30 NHL farm teams. For the Czech fan, Albany Devils is probably the most interesting target for Albany Devils, where Vojtěch Mozík, Petr Straka and Jan Mandát are waiting for a chance to break into the first team of New Jersey. And although they are fourteen hours from home and the wage is worse than in the Czech extralize, they do not complain.

“No one on the farm wants to play, everyone wants to go up,” admitted in a sports interview in November a big truth to former defender Pilsen Mozik, who is playing the second season at sea.During that time he played seven matches in New Jersey without a point post, plus all the duels he wrote last year. This year, his phone has been muffled once, the Devils fight, but he did not join the call, he was just on the platform.

Because Mozík went out of the sea with an elite extralig beech and a Czech representative, MS in Prague, not much balance, right? Other than through farming and hoping for a lift upwards, it is not possible. Albany fans do not have matches, with the 3352’s second-least-frequented AHL club, and three times more for the nearby Providence or Hershey. But when three boys from Bohemia are in the team, everything is easier.

“We have three Czechs in the team, which is great.We’ve built our own culture here, I’m totally unable to judge whether it’s good or bad, “laughs 24-year-old forkard Strak, who New Jersey won on November 13 from Philadelphia for a selection in the seventh round of the draft And he sent it to Albany.

The youngest of the trojan that the overseas media has shifted to “Czech Mafia” is the 21-year center or left wing Jan Mandat. “When I came to Albany, I knew he was playing here Vojta Mozík. Personally, I did not know him at all, but we started writing on Facebook and prepared everything for me.He had a holy patience, I had about a thousand questions, “said the team rookie and the unruly borec who had been putting the Val d’Or Foreurs jersey in QMJHL for the last three years.

Moziko and Straka played together in 2012 at the junior championship Of the world. “Of course I wrote with Vojta when she decided about my fuss. We exchanged a few messages to brush off a little touch. My first idea was, of course, that there were two Czech boys in the team where they sent me, so I was looking forward, “Straka told

” I do not know whether directly Ice has an advantage for mum, but it’s a terrible benefit in normal life. On the outdoor trips we go together for food, we have some Czech forums, we look at Czech films, we have a good time.These things are a million. We are also very much dealing with what is happening in the Czech Republic, how the extraliga is developing and so it is pleasant in all respects, “added Straka, who played most of the games in one formation this year.

From the origin of the Czech colony Mozie, who was the only European in Albania last year, can profit. “It’s like I was at all, no guys from Europe played here, just Americans and Canadians. It was pretty tough, I admit. This year is unmatched, I feel much more comfortable and it helps me on ice too, “added Mozík, who played 53 games last year, twice turning off the network and adding fifteen assists.

Fun, no one, but being here from the Czech Republic does not mean we do not have fun with the others in the team.The goal of us all is to play the best and to win the matches, “the mandate is clear.

Money in AHL is enough for food and rent

The contribution of Czechs to the organization, The Eastern Conference, Devils Rick Kowalsky, commented, adding that the arrival of the Mandat with Straka Mosek was a success, “it was a challenge for him to be thrown into the water and have to swim, he did what his occupation in New Jersey showed. This is probably better this year, “said Kowalsky and continued to talk.

” The mozzik had an unpleasant journey, it was drafted and came directly from the Czech league, unlike John and Peter, the junior competitions in North America, They both played in Quebec.You learn the language, get valuable life experiences, live with American families, you do it yourself and you are more prepared for both AHL and NHL. It’s really different than when you get straight from Europe. “

And what kind of AHL is it? Extremely physically demanding, supposedly the world’s fastest ice hockey league, replacing extreme hardness. You will find in every match a few Hard hits, battles, everything costs a lot of power and you will not be able to make it to the end of your career.

“You can not think of money here, otherwise it would be bad. I first want to reach them on a sporting path, “he is aware of, and he believed when signing the contract.If he played the NHL, he would earn over $ 900,000 a year (about 24 million crowns) and could whistle. Instead, he is in Albany, where his pay due to two-way contracts has fallen to a tenth.

Of nearly $ 65,000, nearly half of the taxes, the rest is enough for rent and food. No savings, no luxury. Even in extralize, Mozice, Mandate and Straka would make more money. If they do not get this year, their next homecoming will be the next summer.

However, they take a place for themselves instead of a stage called the NHL. “Flyers once called me for three NHL matches, but it was just fine. It’s a terrible motivation to come back, “Straka said.