England and the Slovaks in the fight for the Euro just win, and Austria is close to the process

The Slovenian representatives have begun the beginning of the match. The first half played almost half of the Macedonians and the home side was twice goalless. In the eighth minute, Kornel Saláth took the long ball of Pekarík and sent the ball to the net.

After a series of chances, he added another goal Marek Hamšík, who played with a goal keeper and scored in the empty gate. But in the second half, the Macedonians picked up and the game was rampant. Ademi took care of the downside.

The Slovaks managed the nervous end of the match, while the Hasani red card helped them. The table has 18 Energybet football bets online points and after six games they have a minimum stake in the barrage.

The Spaniards scored in Belarus, where they won 1: 0, and the Slovaks still lag behind 3 points.David Silva took care of the fourth win of the last European champions just before the break.

The Slovaks are still 100% stronger and have also managed the match in Slovenia. In Ljubljana, they lost half the time. They did not change their chances, especially the active Sterling. On the other hand, the home team came into the lead after Novakovich leaked, which cleverly snatched the Map.

After the break, England prevailed and this time the guests expressed their goals.Twice with Jack Wilshere, who scored the first two goals in a show career.

“It’s nice to score the first goals for a representation, I’ve been waiting for them for a long time. I said I had to start playing goals similar to those of Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes, “Wilshere said. “I guess I would not try another missile if I did not do it before. But after that goal I believed, “Arsenal midfielder added.

While the Spaniards have managed to match Pecnik just two minutes later, Wayne Rooney has decided. The English captain gave the 48th goal to the national team and reached the second Gary Lineker in his country’s historic scoreboard. At the same time he secured a 100% balance Energybet free bets online of qualifying matches.Slovenia is second with a loss of nine points, but in the evening it can be a jump to Switzerland.

“It’s been long since England last played without a defeat all season and we are proud to have done it again,” said Rooney ITV station with the 1990/91 season remark that the English played also without losing. “Now just keep going next season and secure the Euro. We are a team on the rise, “he added.

Austria has also confirmed a very good qualification form. In a match in Moscow, Marc Janko, the best shooter of the Australian league, decided with the best scissors.

The Austrians have lost their points only with a draw against Sweden, having won five times since then.Seconds are still losing four points after second goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic defeated Montenegro 3: 1. Russia is the third with an eight-legged man on surprise leaders.

Borisov: Belarus – Spain 0: 1 (0: 0) Goals: 49. Kravec, 57. Garmas, 87. Konopljanka. : 1)
Goal: 45. Silva.

Žilina: Slovakia – Macedonia 2: 1 (2: 0)

Group E:

England 2: 3 (1: 0)
Goal: 37. Novakovich, 84. Pečnik – 57. and 74. Wilshere, 86. Rooney.

Tallinn: – San Marino 2: 0 (1: 0)
Goals: 35th and 63rd.Zenjov.

Vilnius: Lithuania – Switzerland 1: 2 (0: 0)
Cherny – 69. Drmic, 85. Shaqiri.


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