From summer to winter. What to return to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing also in 2022

At the Bird’s Nest stadium, where Barbora Špotáková overthrew Russia Abakumov by the last attempt, the expeditions will be staged in February 2022 when the games begin in winter jackets and caps.

Water in the Water Cube Hall, where Michael Phelps rewrote eight gold


And Beijing will be re-Olympic.

Sure, at another time of year.

Still, it’s likely to be similar to those in August 2008.

Precisely organized, redesigned.

Carefully watched and watched.

Gigantic and outward almost perfect.

Just like the budget of the last winter games in Sochi 2014 has risen from the original 12 to 51 billion dollars, I am convinced that Beijing 2022 will not stay with the now-announced three billion.A unique opportunity to advertise and propagate the country the Olympics offer will not defeat China this time either.

Where the functions are not just duplicate

Games for $ 100 million, 29,000 rackets and 15,153 different types of costumes, which resulted in thirteen months of training, the longest of which took 48 hours to go. Artificial ponds and artificial forests. I can imagine how the same lake in February 2022 will be stylishly frozen, and the surrounding boulevards will cover bright white snow.True, he will probably be artificial, because in Beijing he attacks him on average only six millimeters a month on average.

Once again, China puts up almost unlimited human resources on games and creates hundreds of posts for them.

I recapture from the Peking Summer Games the flyer from the stream in the journalist village. Whether or not the young man worn to wipe the signs on the door to the toilets in the press center. Or, an army of gardeners who cut off the letters of a moon on the lawn at the canal, forming the motto of the games: One World, One Dream. One World, One Dream.

Just after landing at a state-of-the-art airport, two pick-up coupons from our luggage hit me before the games in 2008. One did not know about the other, but everyone wanted coupons. Why on earth?Here, all functions will be doubled, I decided first. I was wrong. If only doubled…

I understood when I entered the journalist village. The cop checked my accreditation. The first hostess led me to the front door. The other from the door to the counter. The third gave me the key. Fourth, she wrote it. The fifth led me from the counter to the door. The other four were waiting at the entrance to the house where we were staying. They all were smiling, they wanted to help me and they said, “Welcome.” But…Was not there a little too much?

I did not dare to guess how many people were employed in Beijing for a bigger glory. Million? Five million? Finally, what is five million in China?

In one of the reports he created an expression that later became popular among Czech journalists: the Olympic bubble. In it we moved, in a closed artificial world within another world. We got used to the army of soldiers set up hundreds of meters past the fenced roads to the sports grounds, their inerrant expressions, and the machine step.Perhaps I would have felt awkward if I could not see my “soldier”, every morning, in the journalist village facing the fence and watching the country as a bubble, to prevent a possible attack on our community. China took the safety of the players in the big game.

On the contrary, on the street to the Olympic Park, on the other hand, I caught the shining “Smiling Beijing Police” daily. Laughing Beijing police.

And indeed, policemen at the pedestrian crossing welcomed me with smiles.They had it at the Olympics in the job description. But as soon as we left our bubble, this “protected Olympic space”, and walked on a common road for 15 million ordinary Beijing mortals, the cop at a number of taxis heading to the center was already He did not laugh.

“Follow the queue,” he said strictly, grabbing my accreditation without asking, examining her, and wanting to know where I was going with the taxi.

But who knows, maybe he just wanted to help.

Beijing or Safer Choice

Even the bubble for the Winter Olympics will probably be similar, but much more bulky.After all, the most remote ski resorts in Zhang-ti-khu are more than 200 kilometers from the center of the game. In the history of Olympism, Beijing 2022 will enter the longest distance of winter games.

Can you wonder why China is getting?Since it has offered the backdrop of an economically and politically stable country, a powerful fist of marketing agencies under the thumb, and the promise of a new giant sponsorship market, as hundreds of millions of its people are going to crazy about winter sports (no guarantee that this will happen).

In an effort to defeat Almaty in Kazakhstan, wrestling with real snow and snow-shocks, the Beijing team highlighted the experience of their country in organizing successful sports mega-aces and succeeded.

The criticism of human rights violations in China, with Human Rights Watch on election day, has balanced the criticism of Kazakh corruption in the eyes of voters.

And the air pollution that was still growing in Beijing was not an obstacle to their verdict.

The skyscrapers of the town were hurting their eyes, you were in a heavy breath.Still, in the summer of 2008, a blue sky appeared during the games. The party, the government and the organizers have ordered the closure of hundreds of nearby factories, limiting the entry of cars into the city, and supposedly by scientists over Yellow River experiments with artificial rain.

Also, attempts to rush through the rain in 2022 are likely to be repeated.

Rob Livingstone, producer of, A huge market for sponsors and a safer choice than Almaty. Like Tokyo 2020, it was a safer choice than Istanbul and Madrid. “On August 24, 2008, exactly at 21.25, the Olympic Fire in the Cup over the Bird’s Nest was blown out without many having noticed his last breath.At that time a few of us on the platform thought it would come back in the next fourteen years, and even in the winter, the fire would return.

It will return pompous, with great effects and gestures.

We can be sure today.