Get up there, there’s a doping pad. Then Sáblíková set off behind the Brazilian dream

The coach of the three-time Olympic champion Petr Novák did not surprise himself, he just raged. So many of the Commissioner’s opportunities had a five-day window offered by Sáblíková, but they arrive just in the morning on the day of departure. “Absolute bullying,” the coach said. “Mr.

Chlumsky knew that Martina had a doping agent in Richmond, and although they know this, they will come to check.” But Sáblíková, however, opened the door unexpectedly. “I have nothing to hide, that’s not a problem.” But her schedule before the summit of the summer season was complicated. She quickly rushed to join Prague – Amsterdam – New York – Richmond, where she wants to run the world championship as fast as possible. Energybet sports bet

The championship, which decides who to ride a year in the Rio.Sáblíková is determined, especially when her first attempt before London 2012 did not work out. “Yeah, I take it that’s my last chance. Either I will miss it or not. “

She was prepared for her, however, responsibly. Early speed skeptic rumors told her how she could have reached 2,000 kilometers in the summer on a bicycle, ice was always a priority for her. But now she was leaning even more on the pedal circles before the challenge. In Livigno, home in Žďár.

“This year, I’ve got 5.5 thousand,” she said. “And maybe half a kilometer in time. I hope she knows. We’ve tried to work on it. “

Time is the only start for the championship, and Sáblíková does not want to go into the race with a mass start. Risk, dangers, injuries, that’s what makes her start with the peloton. Therefore, 22.September will only take a 30-kilometer test where only strength and stamina are decisive. However, the Czech star’s displeasure is leading the majority of time on the plane and the technical twists and turns. “When I looked at the track in detail, I was not very well, the technical passage will be very difficult for me.” So Sáblíková joined Energybet sports bets the coach and former protégé René Andrle, who handed her a piece of training your umu. The foot, the foot, did not hold back, calling for her from the escort.In places where she would have been slowing down, he was now accelerating to accelerate. “And when I found out that it was going to go without a pedal, then I tried to walk with it.”

That’s exactly what she’s going to have to do in Richmond, only ten women in a reduced order will go out for an Olympic race. “I’ve got more bikes, I’m so uncomfortable to turn, though the right-handed ones are still making me a problem,” she reminded of the ice oval habits. “I’m feeling bigger, but do not pretend…”

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