Handball champions showed the format. The Czechs have succumbed to France by 10 goals

It is up to the last duel of the group to go to Skopje on Sunday from 17.45 on whether the Czechs will go to the European Championship which next year hosts Poland. The progress in Macedonia could be a draw, but it would have to be born at a higher score than 27:27 – so the autumn match in Zlín ended.

France coached the coaches of Jan Filip with Daniel Kubeš solid first half , But they were no longer in the second. But he was the strongest handball player against the Czech Republic today.

“Courage was there, but the quality of the opponent was reflected over time,” said Jan Filip, one of the coaches. “We were better defended in the first half, it was positive. It was a shame we did not give a chance at the beginning.Boys deserve praise for fighting and trying. The quality of the opponent was elsewhere. “

The Frenchmen arrived in Brno without the injured Nikola Karabatič, but even the absence of the best player in the world did not detract from the firm role of a clear favorite and outsider.

When another loss was reported by Czech trainers. Roman Bečvář also dropped from the already devastated composition of the coupe and the team of the national team only numbered 14 names, among which was also the youngster Ondřej Šimůnek from Dukla. The French list presented a unique team: the Golden Olympic Medals, triumphs from European and world championships, champions league winnings…Most of the squad has it.There was also the goalie legend Thierry Omeyer or Daniel Narcissa, the world’s best handball player. It was felt that even the fans had come to enjoy the game, because they also applauded their opponents.

The Czechs started from the left with Kotrč, Zdráhalou, Babák, Stehlík and Sobol, the Petrovský giant on the pivot and veteran Štochl . This seven was supposed to face the opponents, whose basic set was Abalo wings, defensive leader Luke Karabatič (the younger brother of the famous Nikolas), Narcissa or the pivotal Sorhaindo pivot.

The first sign of the extraordinaryness of the opponent? How the gorgeous substitute goalkeeper Gerard caught the initial two bullets. Or the fact that they own a power play at the very beginning Czechs lost 0: 2.

Then the nervousness shattered. And he saw it, it was all!Thanks to Zdráhal’s actions, excellent interventions of Štochl and Petrovský from the goal-area suddenly home led 4: 3, 5: 4, 6: 5, 7: 6. The coaches turned the players to take on shorter but intense stretches. After a quarter of a year, the state was balanced. That hope for a sensation?

No, it certainly is not. The prolific performance of the Czech Republic has only supported the opponent in showing that the French have shown that they are champions in key moment management. They just took it from that phase. In the middle of the day, the score was 10:16.

After half-time, the three-handed succession of the wing was crooked and the home continued, but the outcome was decided. On the contrary, it was increasingly evident that the French could constantly turn players without reducing their impact – and the Czechs were on the contrary.The second half was a demonstration of the skill and dominance of coach Claude Onesta.

The filled hall in Brno, however, appreciated both the clear winners and, above all, “their” combatants. And the progressive drama will last for the Czech group until the end.

“We have to get together – it is a decisive and difficult match on Sunday. We have to focus on us and get out of the possible maximum that is possible in the current set, “says coach Phil.