Hubs? No, the football pins. This was explained by the librarian

“The worst thing was in Israel, where we looked at everything. They were also interested in the football pins because they probably thought they were bullets in some weapons, “laughs Ulihrach. “I had to explain to them that we are really a football team, and not any hunters, maybe hunters when it is done.” Kustod Ulihrach was also at the Liberec debacle 0: 4 in Braga, Portugal, nine years ago. Slovan players have come back to an important European League match, which eventually lost 1: 2.

The monument and other tourist attractions are not very popular with the football club in Liberec. The day before departure packs the necessary equipment into large boxes. “When the weather is cooler, we carry nine. One can weigh a maximum of thirty pounds.At airports, it’s sometimes a problem with controls, but here in Portugal it’s pretty cool, “said Ulihrach.

As well as important things like jerseys, he must think about things like – on the captain’s tape. “Plus, you need to pack the little things that players require during matches and training. The service has to be 100%, I can not afford to forget something. “

After arriving at a place with masseurs, he goes directly to the stadium where he prepares online betting offers things for evening training. Then he will wait for the player and will get to the hotel after training. But even there are massages and other procedures.

The day of the match is followed by a further preparations not only for the match but also for the warm-up in the hotel.After returning under Ještěd, he will come again packing, washing and preparing for another match. The carousel is spinning again.

Petr Ulihrach called Kulda is also in charge of the winning cries in the cab after successful matches. Last time, with the microphone in his hand, he cut out thousands of fans directly on the U Nisy stadium, when Liberec defeated Prague Sparta on Sunday. It was a special celebration that no one expected on the stands.

Liberecký kustod most remembers the winning or the progress tours. “I was most keen on remembering that two years ago at the same time in Portugal, in Estoril.At that time, we managed to advance in the European best betting offers League to spring fights, and we really did celebrate it well on the spot and then on the way home. “

The joy of progress would like to enjoy this year. They say the team has it. “I have felt strength since summer,” says Petr Ulihrach. “We and the masters are closest to the players, we see each day how they behave, what approach to practice. I had a very good feeling about it, so I believed we could pull it up to the basic group.

If we could still move on, it would be a big candy at the end.Although opponents are renowned names, we can do so many times to reach the winning end with brute strength. “

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