I will consider everything that appears, says Czech goalie about his future

The 35-year-old goalie has a contract for Chelsea for Energybet free sports bets another year, but he will hardly want to keep up with last year’s coach José Mourinho’s substitute.

His departure to another club has been a hot topic of speculation for several Months.

After the season, however, it is time to put an end to the conjecture.

“Everybody is asking me, but I just repeat that this is the end of the season and we are heading to Thailand and Australia on Wednesday. When I get back, I will sit down with important people and consider all the options that will appear, “the Czechs quoted his website.

” I have a contract in Chelsea for one more year and it’s not like I’m going nowhere He left. I will decide what will be best for me, but it is premature to say anything.Moreover, the transfer term begins in July, “he said.

Chelsea has been in Chelsea since summer 2004, he was the leader for ten years. But last season, Thibaut Courtois was given more opportunities for the next ten years. With him, Mourinho counts on him, and the Czech would like to leave as he still claims. But like a two. And it does not like the Czech again.

He was used to take over fifty matches per season, only fifteen starts for Chelsea in the last year. So he contributed to two trophies: four times in the League Cup and six times in the Premier League, he cashed five goals.

When Chelsea won both competitions, he was on the pitch.In the finals of the League Cup defeated Tottenham 2-0, on Sunday in the final league match against Sunderland was 3: 1.

“Even for the transfer of the cup it was beautiful that I could be on the pitch. I am especially pleased that we have won. Didier Drogba played the last game for us and it was a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to join him last time when we were fighting together with one break for eleven years, “he wrote Czech.

He, Drogba and the captain Terry was there when Chelsea got all four titles in her new era. Drogba has officially farewell to the club as a player, Bohemia is not yet.

But he did not think about the next season. “We had champagne in the cabin, we had a drink.I had a wife with children, my parents, my father-in-law and a couple Energybet sports bet of friends who always go to the last match. “

Another classics followed on Monday when the team Energybet online betting promotions traveled through the streets of London on an open bus.