Machacek will no longer be Dakar. After falling, he banged his bones, but did not jump

Josef Macháček’s final start at the Dakar Rally has been different, but he seems to miss the next year at the start. Five-time winner of the four-wheeler category celebrates his 60th birthday this year, so he decided to return from the buggyn to a well-tried class. In the fourth stage, however, he crashed, injured his shoulder and returned to Prague today. More than a week earlier than originally planned.

“Of course I’m disappointed that I’m here already, and for a long time I’ll be wondering what happened and why it happened, but that’s motorsport. Sometimes a person celebrates success, sometimes they end up wounding, “Macháček told reporters after arriving in Prague.

A fatty stone became a big stone in a river that hit a quad. “I saw him, but there was nothing to do at that speed.I was on a quadricycle of thousands of kilometers, but I did not have such a fall. I was catapulted, and then I just waited for the quad. Fortunately, it did not happen and it did not work much more seriously, “Dakar Matador said. Macháček threw the collarbone out of his shoulder when he fell.” I thought I might not be able to continue, but we still Tried to bang her bones if she accidentally jumped back. It hurt a bit, but it failed. Otherwise, I would probably finish the stage, “said Macháček, who also bumped his left leg.” But I could go with that, “he said with a smile, and the problem was not even a damaged quad. Complete examination to find out how it is healthily.He personally thinks he will have a blade problem. “But let’s see it, let’s do it for the doctors, it’s just my sense of pain,” Machacek said, admitting that he was not too excited about the medical care by the organizers. The helicopter flew for him to his urging, in the bivouac his doctors just examined, the shoulder fixed and referred to the doctors in the Czech Republic. But that year he would go back to the start of the Dakar and say goodbye rally better, It is unlikely. “I do not even think of another Dakar.The only conclusion is that when the shoulder is put together, so when changing the weather, I will remember the 60’s every time, “Macháček said.

But the injury is considered a common part of the motorsport. Failure and it happened like that. I experienced a lot of falls, and I could go on often. But he was serious and could not manage, “Macháček said. But he does not intend to go on with an active racing career, for example, he thinks he would introduce himself to Africa Eco Race, a rally on the history of Dakar. Returns to the buggyn category.