Maslar refused to take off and found the dragon, the final missed him

DIRECT RIA The Czech lightning ride in Rio ended in the semifinals. Pavel Maslák, quarterback maker, has improved this year’s best performance this year for 45.06 seconds, it was not enough to progress between the best eight. After the race he was congratulated by world champion Wayne van Niekerk.

Do you have a dragon pendant on your neck for luck?
“I found this again. I thought him lost for almost a year. I returned from vacation and did not have it. Yesterday when I was preparing a backpack, he looked at me from the baton surprisingly. So I took it today. “

Are you satisfied with the performance?
” I’m sure you are satisfied, but the person would be better. I guess I would have better time if I had a better track. Today I was definitely running better than in the race.That’s why I’m quite happy because it was worth it yesterday. It was good today. “

Is it the performance you had in the Olympics?
” I was thinking a little higher, three-tenths faster. I certainly wanted to be under forty-five, secretly hoping for a person, which is the three-tenths. But still I’m happy, it’s the best season for the biggest event. “

The 45-minute limit is still resisting the severe muscular injury in 2014, do you still want to overcome it by the end of the season? /> “I do not know, I’m not going to get it completely, I need to rest. Still, the season was quite demanding, it was shifted by three weeks.Now I’m sure I will go to some races, but if it’s under the age of forty, I do not know. “

After the start, you complained that the referees had urged you to undress, so you chilled before the start. How did you handle it before the semifinals?
“It was a bit better today that it was downstairs. And most of all, I did not listen to them when they said we should get snapped. They told me that we had to undress and put it in my backpack, but I ignored them and walked around. I left these things on myself. I did not get dressed until we really had to go. “

Why do the referees so insist?
” I do not know. It started off in Portland, we were on the stage without things.I do not know if it’s because of the people who are with the baskets on the track…”

I bet on Niekerka, maybe it keeps me

You see as favorite on the Kirani James final Winning the semifinals?
“Kirani looks great, but he does not get too exhausted by the fast semi-finals. He was throwing it out, but, after all, van Niekerk was running at 44.40 and he was also releasing. I still believe Niekerka. I bet with a wine bottle masseur, so I hope he will hold me and win. “World Champion van Niekerk spanked you in the mixzone on your back, you know well?
“I think my opponents have noticed me more, but Niekerk had a birthday when we were in Monaco.I wish him good luck and good health, since we have fun and greetings. “

Do you still believe that van Niekerk in Rio will attack Michael Johnson’s world record, as you said a few weeks ago? Br /> “Now I do not think so. There are no supr conditions here in Beijing (van Niekerk won the World Championship last year and the record came to three tenths – note red). You see the weather yourself, it’s not as warm as it should be. If he’s twenty, twenty. For some good performance it would have wanted at least twenty-six and no wind. The light will not be. He could attack his character, but so far it does not look like starting and semi-finals.Maybe it was saved and it will surprise you tomorrow. “

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