Maslova decorated the second day of the Czech championship with a fast two-stroke

The world champion of the world and Europe at the four-hundreds Maslak, after faint start of the season, showed one of the better performances. “Finally. I was afraid a little after yesterday, as the wind was blowing here, but eventually good. I’m pleased, “said Maslak. “I believe it could be a four hundred,” said the sprinter of Prague’s Dukla.

His Czech record was just nine hundred. “I did not hope to run this fast. There were great conditions, it worked. I’m sure it’ll take me back to the saddle.I still do not have a quick run on Thursday, but I’m obviously good at speed and this kicks me up, “Maslák believes after the third best career. The start response of 0.092 seconds was eight thousand times faster than the rules allow. And the referee was inexorable, the world champion of the 400-meter obstacle eliminated from the final.

This was the first time in her career. “I’m sorry, because I’m not aware of the fact that I would have tried to hit it,” Heynae wondered. She was convinced she would “flood” the rivals and fight for the victory, especially when In the start she felt good and run for 23.73 seconds.Faster than the final winner, the fifteen-year-old Nikola Bend. “I wanted to download it again. But nothing happens. I still believe that obstacle times will improve, I’m not bad at speed. Today I have checked it, just to face the obstacles, it will be just in the head, “said Hejnová.

His track was run by Denisa Rosolová, but performance 55.26 on 400 meters obstacles did not satisfy her. This year it has been running 11 cents faster. “I wanted less than 55 seconds. I do not know what went wrong. But the season is still long, “she said.She was pleased with the fact that the first three spaces had managed 14 steps. “Only the time,” she repeated.

Rosolina believes she could download for a second to the Beijing World Cup in August. “Just catch the race, the rivals and run another. I lose at the beginning of the target. It was quite blowing today, it did not help me too much either. I believe we are tugging for what we lack and that we will still get it, “she said.

The double champion of the Republic is Kristiina Mäki, who in the sunny weather clearly Energybet free online betting won Energybet bets online the 1500 meters race. “It was very warm today, I like the bigger winter,” said the native of Finland. For Saturday’s victory on the five-kilometer track, she was caught in the rain.The domestic championship in Pilsen arrived on Friday from Turku, where the second one ended on Thursday at fifteen. The double on the same lines in Pilsen was won by Petr Vitner.

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