Nitra was shaken by the embarrassing loss, Mounfield kept a second

NITRA – Nitrania took the fight against the penultimate Martin with an effort to make a quarterback blame when the Czech “Twentieth” went on home ice. However, the leaders took the lead, 15 minutes after mantinelu best online betting offers from Fujerik and surprised the home keeper Kristan.Three minutes could lead the Martinčani with two-goal difference, Markovich relaxed before Kristan, but the Nitriansky brankár kept his team.

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The settlement came at 25.minute, the Ordovian straightened from the blue line, and Kováčik sent a puck over the Bohemian back. Two minutes later, Nitra took the lead, in the home game of the home team, and Segľa scoring in the open goal scored. At the end of the second half of the match, Nitrania scored a third goal, Ručkay found a gap between the circles of Kováčik and a 3-1 draw by Martina’s goalkeeper.

In the middle of the third period Nitrania managed to increase its lead when Pupak and Kmeč got weaker in front of the Czech goalkeeper, did not win the goal. In 53 minutes, Kováčik could see the hetrik, but he did not score the goal of the Martin Gate. At 55.Martinčan Važan got into the bracelet, but Kristan had his bluff attempt. Nitra beat Martin 3: 1.

Karol Kolečáni (assistant to Nitra): “After the match we had to fight after yesterday. “We are glad to beat a quality opponent and gain three points.”

Daniel Babka (coach Martin): “We entered the match well. Nitra had more of the game, but we did not get under pressure, we even went into the lead, so a third finished for us well, we had a game off in the second third, we were not strong around the goal, we made mistakes and we got two goals At the end of the second part we also got the third goal and then in the end we were missing the forces to turn.We wanted to play power-play, but let’s get rid of it unnecessarily. It’s a shame because we had more in Nitra. It was our best performance against Nitra. For our young boys it was a big school. “