Ostrava is at the beginning of the season in ruins. It has no points or quality

Ostrava coach Radomir Korytar warned his supporters about the standard situation of the opponent and the shooter of Milan Škoda.

And the result? Škoda has scored two goals, and even before 8th minute, Energybet online bets the Voltr hit the corner of Hrubý…

“We again defected,” the Korytar sighed. “We are preparing for the rivals’ standard and we will get the same goal. We had to guard Voltra in person. It is incomprehensible that nobody was there. They are individual failures, they are not system bugs. “

Voltra did not shake Kukec. On the second goal Skoda crossed the penalty area through Holzra. “He tried to get around the metro,” the coach complained.

Unhappy fans, as usual, chanting Baník’s owner Petr Šafarčík to leave the club.And for the first time out of the gallery, “Kukec out!” It was when the poor performance of the Croatian midfielder climbed the pass to the right side directly on the opponent’s feet. The end of the first half was in the midst of a huge whistle of the crowd.

The Korytar had already thought he would replace Kukece after 35 minutes. And he dealt with the break. “But he came to me to give him another chance,” the coach said. “I have met him and in the second half his performance has picked up.”

Would Coach Kukace be on the pitch if he had a good substitute on the bench? “I would change it,” the coach admitted. “But we have to realize that Davor will never win personal battles. He is important to us at the final stage. But if he does not work as he is, enormously loses the duel and does not stop, he has to go away.But we do not have anyone to replace him. “

But Korytar pointed out that Kukec and other players still have his confidence.

The Slavs gave the second goal in the 45th and the third 90th minute. “In the previous matches, we got the goals in the forty-third and ninety-nine,” the coach recalled. “

Bet on the attack did not come out

Offensive set. But it was a misery. The home team was unable to get through the visitors’ defense and over the second half or in more serious chances.

“We ended in sixteen,” the Korytar recognized. “And when we were in the penalty area, we had a problem getting through. Slavia has grown ups of Deli and Latka.When you look at our characters, it’s a seventy-seventy-five. The other Slavs are tall. But we do not have the proper emphasis on pushing our opponents with force, we are missing the force of the Škoda attackers. “

Little hope for Baník meant Mišák goal 74 minutes to 1: 2. “Unfortunately, it was too late,” Patrik Mišák said. “We had a game under control, but when you get a goal, it’s very unpleasant at the moment,” said Milan Škoda, a Slavic striker, worried about the result. “The home was breathing, they had a lot of pressure, but luckily we Energybet online free bets did not get any goal.” Dusan Uhrin Jr., coach Slavie, said that in the second half, his team unnecessarily pulled. “Mainly a backup line.There were two mistakes from which Banik could punish us, but he succeeded for the third time, “said Uhrin. “But they could have decided beforehand Štohanzl or Voltr, who did not give a pass to the side.”

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