Other winnings of handball players. The Czechs pushed the Swiss and won four goals

Friday evening, Czech handball players together at the hotel lobby watched the opening hockey duel at the World Championship – a dramatic play, in addition to the winning end. Even in their case it was quite a nervous moment, but the loss of points did not give up the coaches of coaches Jan Filip and Daniel Kubeš.

In the retaliation duel, the Euro 2016 qualifier continued in Pilsen on Wednesday’s 30:26 win in Schaffhausen.In both cases, the duel was completely balanced in some passages, but overall the Czechs showed higher game maturity and a wider range. Although their knee was missing on the right-handed link by Petr Linhart, the home was better from the beginning; There was also a double absence of Swiss support, because, in addition to Andy Schmid’s superstar, no other cannonist Von Deschwanden came to the Czech Republic.

The captain Filip Jícha held in Pilsen directly in Pilsen. “I have never had such a wound,” he said of the painful combination of the stretched canal junction that went into the inflammation of the pubic bone: “On Wednesday or Thursday I will go to control resonance, and then I’d like to start running slowly.”

Even without him, the Czechs started well.In the goal, Galia replaced the Swiss, Petr Štochl, and caught the first two shots of his opponent. In addition to his deployment, it was also a change to the fact that instead of Linharta he was playing on the right-hand side of the Bečvář climbing, and Zdrhála started again and again he confirmed his role as a goal trove (only in the first half gave 7 goals). > The home is still leading – thanks to the unconventional goal of Sobol: when the Swiss played in a weakness without a goalie, he scored a goal over the whole field and increased 11 minutes to 5: 3. In the 18th minute it was 9: 5 after Zdráhal’s seven, a little after 12: 7.But then the opponent started to draw and the half-time score was 15:13.

The Swiss just scored the difference after a pause, but two goalkeys (from Petrovsky and Yurka) returned to the handball players. The Czech passports survived and returned to a three- to five-shot lead. This helped, among other things, the good interventions of the Stoke in the gate.

However, the situation was repeated again. The guests were “back in the match” again, in the 22:20 and 24:22 games they had the ball…But they did not finish. And because of the penalty for the Swiss Inverter, who came in the moment they could cut off the blockbuster, in contrast to one goal. It turned out to be a key moment.The third chance was not enough for the Swiss, the conclusion was home for which Kotrč hit three times in the wings.

Without captain Jicha for both triumphs over the Swiss, they are: but they were worn but deserved. The team has fulfilled its duty and has 5 points for 4 consecutive years.

The Czech team, currently in concert with the end of the World Cup in Qatar, is experiencing a string of six races in a row. Continue to try in the qualification finals: in June he will first welcome France and finally he will fight to advance to Macedonia.