Pilot Shonka after the first victory: My celebration? Just half a beer

At the weekend, the acrobatic pilot Martin Šonka entered his fifth season of the prestigious world series Red Bull Air Race with the ultimate goal of winning. In the first race in Abu Dhabi, he managed to do so and in the final duel he was a second faster than the second Spaniard Velarde. The premier achievement of the Czech Flyer has immediately become one of the greatest adherents in overall championship winning.

Do you already realize that you finally managed to win the Air Race?
” I already realize that no one was kidding and I really won.Those first moments are such a strange feeling. I do not have a man yet, but now I am very happy. “

What did you think you could win in the fifth season?
” Last year, I just often messed up something in the race. I had a new airplane and set it up so I did not like it. Now she’s well set up right on me. At the same time, I did not accept the nervousness and stress of the beginning of the season as last year when I was disqualified. Both mentally and mentally, I was relaxed and focused only on flying. It all fit in. “

You have become one of the biggest favorites of the championship title. Will not it bind you?
“It’s still too early, but I’m curious about it.I think it could be the opposite and I will get the nervousness of myself. I did manage to win, and with my team. Now I’m more confident and I hope that the pressure will take me completely. I was still worried about why I could not do it and think about it before bedtime or even after awakening. “

How was the premiere triumph celebrated in Abu Dhabi?
“There was no big celebration, though the effects may be. After that strain and fatigue of the organism I drank half a beer and I had her with forgiveness from both my sling. But first we were discussing the plane with the team, and then we were only celebrating. I had three to four beers, but it worked on me as if I had at least twice as much.If I do not, I do not go to parties and I consume my conscience. Now we’ve enjoyed it with the team. The boys have prepared a great airplane for me, and they’ve taken care of everything, and it was just flying to me. It was a team work. “

Do you have a party to your countryman and rival Petr Kopfstein, who missed the race and lost points?
” They discussed the race a lot. Last year I was a master in stupid mistakes during the race and now it met him. He takes it sporty, but it is a lot to him. He was a candidate for a good place…I’m sorry, because it would be most beautiful if two Czechs stood on the stage.I hope we can do this and we’ll meet each other on the podium for the next race. “

Do not you think the next race will be flying in mid-April in America?
“I would have to sit down in the cockpit immediately and race again. But there is nothing to do. I’m curious how this pause will be signed on to me and on my rivals. But I have ideas to improve on the aircraft and we can work on it by April. It will run quickly and I will race again. “