Pilsen recalled coach Koubek, Krejčí and Horváth lead the champion

“I am a professional and I respect the decision of the Pilsen management. I’m leaving my head up, for the last days have brought the crisis only to the result, not to the game. I am convinced that the team is well prepared for the game and will soon be the winner again, “Koubek said.

And he went on:” My engagement was done correctly, I handed my hand Viktori of course wish only the best. “

Koubek, who recently extended the contract by the summer of 2017, resumed in office for a year and five days. In Pilsen he ends in spite of the championship title and the recent triumph of the Superpohár.

The coach is the first coach in the new season that ended in the football league.

“Miroslav Koubek finished by mutual agreement with the leadership Club.For his work, he has to thank him, he has always presented himself as an absolute professional and soccer expert in all his moments of engagement. However, the results of the team have not reached the expectations and ambitions of the club lately, before the decisive matches in the European competitions, the team needs a new impetus, “said Pilsen general manager Adolf Šádek. With Koubek, the assistants Petr Kostelník Jiří Skála.

The beginning of the season did not make Pilsen.(0: 1), did not manage to retaliate against the Maccabi Tel Aviv third league champions and dropped (0: 2), draws with Slovácko (2: 2) and last time he lost the two-goal lead in Teplice (0: 2).

“If the question goes to my coach position, I’m over the thing. I do not think about it at all. In nearly sixty-four years, I have no reason to think otherwise than to do my sporting work, “Koubek said on Friday after the match. Two days later, in a position with a score of 39 competitive matches, 26 wins and 6 draws Finished.The tattoo # 1Viktoria2014-15, which recalls his only coaching title, will remain forever on his forearm.

The new Pilsner coach was 46-year-old Krejčí, who was already assistant to Pavel Vrba in Pilsen. “Karel Krejčí is a scholar who, during his work in Viktoria Plzeň and in the national team, demonstrates his huge overview and the knowledge of modern football.

We are glad that he did not hesitate to offer us. At the same time, it is necessary to thank the leadership of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, which enabled it to work in Štruncovy sady, “Šadek said.

Krejčí’s assistants will be Zdeněk Bečka, who also held the position of Koubka, and Pilsen legend Pavel Horváth .He made his career in the last year and became the Domažlice coach.

“Pavel Horváth combines extraordinary football thinking, a great taste in the starting coaching career and the non-transferable ability of team communication. In our unwritten agreements it has always been clear that we are counting on it in Pilsen. This time comes before we suppose, but I am convinced that Pavel will be able to help the team immediately, “added Šadek.

New coaches will be introduced to fans for the first time Thursday when Pilsen Vojvodina Novi Sad enters play- Off on the European League.