Quintana was worried by Froom, but Brit is the second winner of the Tour despite the crisis

Pinot had cut his short-circuit from Mende to his first run, but eventually he and his countryman, Bardet, involuntarily transposed Brith Cummnings. Only the famous 21 serpentins had him placed in the winning table. “It’s great,” he rejoiced at the end of the Full Controversy Tour.

Last year he finished third overall and had great defense plans this year. But the falls and defects in the first half of the race made him a dream. “I had a lot of bad luck,” he reminded. “I even thought I’d step down.” But now he’s back, as immortal as the winner of the famous mountain. “This stage is so special for every winner.”

Which could certainly be confirmed by Chris Froome, for the whole three weeks of Energybet football betting online the Tour, a fearless ruler. Only the last climb of the 102nd year revealed the weakness of the British killer.He was not a machine, he found his rivals.

And most Kolumbijec Quintana, the second man in the Tour series and her best youngster. He was 13 kilometers to the top of Alpe d’Huez when he launched a frontal attack on the Sky team and a dream in the form of the winning stage. “Froome had Porte’s, Poel’s hand and the first attack of the Colombians still bounced off, and rather, then both Skyscape settled in the front of the train of stars, stabbing the group so that no one would ever think of it like that. But Quintana was relentless, just a kilometer fired for the second time, but Sky was covering up again. Only the third admission was decisive.And so crushing.

Meanwhile, Pinot was down to the top and was dragging Ryder Hesjedal to lead, but the Canadian habana eventually broke and the triumph gained more realistic outlines. Only Quintana could be a threat, he was strong and determined. He had lost the Frenchman’s lead and fled to Froom.

Brita did not scream for energy as in the previous nineteen days, but Tour leader knew he had to squeeze the last time, and then he would not have one but two yellow jersey jerseys. His loss to the Energybet online bets Colombian, however, swelled.Half a minute, three quarters, the British helpers turned desperately to what was going on. And when Pinot was already cheering on his victory, Quintana counted the fired seconds.

To the final stage, which could change the form of the results, he entered with a loss of 2:38 minutes, his final draw being 1:12 minutes . Being celebrated at the finish line, he knew long ago: “I’ll be only second when I start the Tour, and this time I was Froome over my strength.” “I was at my limit in the last hill,” Froome later admitted. “The stage was only 110 kilometers, but I thought it was 300.

But what I did was still not happening. There were so many thoughts on my way up my mind. Everything I sacrificed, training camps, the time I spent away from my wife.But now it’s all so unreal. “

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