Say, should I recognize five? Ragby wants less time to play video

The main barrel interrupts the game and draws an imaginary rectangle in front of each other. A video hint instruction, which then tells the microphone which situation he wishes to explore. Rugged video helps to make the verdict of the essentials accurate.

In the opening duel of the tournament, the South African judge Jaco Peyper asked his countryman for the Shaun Veldsman video about the consultation several times.If Matawalu and Nadolo of Fiji put the ball into the goalpost in accordance with the rules, if their Waqaniburo teammate played in the middle of the pitch in the middle of the pitch, etc.

Ten minutes and eight seconds, which was the sum of the video- but it was only twenty-eight percent of the total time if the time was stopped, “said John Jeffrey, the referee’s chief. “We want to reduce the time, but the accuracy and accuracy of the decision must not be compromised.”

Ragby fans, players, coaches and sponsors would rather accept the transparency of the match. Neither of the rivals then feels wrong that he has been damaged by a key decision.And for the fans at the stadium and the TV it’s fun when the point at stake sees several times from the record

“The video judge is part of the official referee team. And with the help of modern technologies, there is a way to make sure that the key situations during the games are right. To protect the meaning of the game, “Jeffrey stressed.

What do judges judge and when is it used?

First of all, when the ball was placed in the goal area, which means if the ball touched the ground, if the player did not fall out of touch before the touch, if the player did not step out of the pitch before laying. If a kick kicked between the three rods.

If there was no violation of the rules and the foul assessment when the action fell.Just when the master is not sure.

When putting the five main barrel in the microphone, the colleague casts three crucial questions: “Has the ball been placed in the goalpost or not? Tell me why I do not recognize five? If there was a foul, do I have to recognize it or not? “

The video judge will contact the director to have all the available shots available. This year’s championship also has the so-called “Hawk Eye”, which is known for tennis.

The fans see on the large screen screens as well as the verdict’s rationale.

they play for 2×40 minutes. When judging the disputed situation according to the video, the referees’ time stops. This will be done, for example, in more demanding care.The half-time will end after forty minutes, but when the game is interrupted.

Some football representatives call a similar model of the video for the summer. But those who can decide to do so are rejecting it.