Sural was happy with Sparta faith in turn paid

malkinCompensatory fluke 2: 2 contributed midfielder Josef Sural a progressive win over Danish footballers Sparta SonderjyskE in the fourth qualifying round of the European League and enjoyed the euphoria of advancing to the main part of the competition. Locals were able after a unsuccessfull greater part of the first half finally erase lost 0: 2 against the obnoxious and confirmed the role of favorite opponents.

“It was an extremely tough match. I can not explain why we embarked on a two-goal lead, but then one of us probably fallen. We started to play a little bit, we put it simply, and fortunately for us, it turned around,” he said after the match Sural which is 69 minutes after a standard situation taken care of its header to erase losses.

The procedure then arranged in 85 minutes also successfully hlavičkující Jakub Brabec, who scored immediately after coming onto the pitch from the bench. “Cuba is great, he is gólovej,” he commented the decisive moment Sural.

According to the representative, who has to his credit starts 14th in the Czech jersey, it was important to all three Spartan goals. “You helped us that we gave them a goal to the dressing room at 1: 2. We felt it would go, and we have the strength to turn around. Then it was every goal milestone, whether at 2: 2 or before the end of 3: 2. ”

Although David Lafata at the end of the first half fell to 1: 2, it was in the cab of Sparta quite busy. “Nothing pleasant it was. Malinko we are there for each other a fight, but it is needed. It was more a half of horror. We did not play as we should. We raised a voice, we thought it simply, climb on them and not give them less than a meter. that simply go for it, “said Sural events.

SonderjyskE footballers to European League came through in second place last year, but currently they are after six rounds of the Danish league last with three points. Sural not want to speculate whether it would be withdrawal was an embarrassment for Sparta. “Rather, it would be a terrible shame. But we did not admit it until the last minute, and we believed it was worth it to us,” he said.

Danish rival according to him, also showed quality. “It was not an easy opponent. They had an excellent footballer. When I take the attacker (Mikael Uher), so he was terribly uncomfortable, fast and strong. He was underrated mančaft and was not at all bad,” said twenty-six former player of Brno and Liberec.

Rival Sparta said after the goalless draw in Denmark surprised by anything new. “They played the same, what they presented at home. Rather, we have to somehow get. We wanted them to go passing, that to us a couple came out and we got out of the two goals. They pretty much anything devised, it was after our mistakes” returning to the bad arcade game.

At the same time the Danes, according to him unnecessarily delaying the game. “From the first minutes played, kouskovalo it and the referee allowed it to them. The first card for the delay, we got to us sometime in the eighty-fifth minute. When the