Tatran in the derby derby comfortably won in Košice

BRATISLAVA – Summary of the results of Wednesday’s 17th round of Tipos extraligy in handball men:

ŠKP Bratislava – Slovan Modra 38:20 (20: 7) id = “box_article_ad” class = “addbox”>

Most Goals: Kucharik 7, Slaninka 6, Štepanovský 5, M. Volentics 5/2 – Michal Fázik 9, Šimášek 3/2, Döme 2 – Pok. Feast: 4/2 – 5/4, Excluding: 5 – 4, RC: 39. M. Volentics for putting the goalkeeper to the head from Pok. throw – 16. Strike for foul, decided by: Cipov and Pastierik, 300 spectators Duel had little-known introduction. The home with a twelve-goal line took the lead in the 17th minute 12: 0. Only then allowed the opponent to score for the first time. Modrania dropped to 3:12, but the first half was definitely directed by ŠKP players who won it 20: 7.In the second game, the image of the game did not change, the Bratislavaers increased their leadership and eventually won triumphantly 38:20.

1. MHK Košice – Tatran Prešov 31:41 (14:21)
Most Goals: Pecha 9/3, Šiška 6, Hriňák 5 – Čip 10, Antl 6, Rábek, D. Krok and T. Mažár po 4, Hrstka 4/1
Pok. 6/5 – 2/1, exclusion: 4 – 2, decided by Cibere and Richvale, 150 spectators

At the start of the 14th minute the game was 7: 7. Then, in particular, Prešov’s wings had taken care of a four-goal lead (11: 7). Tatra’s lead in a half-time break grew to 21:14. Guests after the change of age controlled the development of the duel, which led to the winning end (41:31).Koscians have entered a “blinded” set, and thanks to the fighting, they have kept the result with a good result.

Most Goals : F. Zaťko 13/5, Ľ. Ďuriš 10, Holdoš 8 – Zdráhala 10/2, Firit 8, Sapák 6
Pok. 5/5 – 2/2, excluding: 4 – 4, decided by: Oťapka and Sivák, 700 spectators The first half, in which both teams focused more on the offensive, was rich in goals ). In the opening twenty minutes the opponents turned in the lead, the last ten minutes of the first part better handled the home team who made a four-goal lead. Just before the break he was disturbed by Zdrhála, who from the point of view of Považov decreased to 19:22. Guests at 42.min managed to make it to 27:27, but the Hlohovcans then went to 35:30 and in the final ten minutes they did not get the victory (40:35).

HK Topoľčany – HC Štart Nové Zámky 28:28 (12:17)
Most Goals: Valent 8/2, Klačanský, Cigáň and Straka po 4 – Čačič 7/1, T. Straňovský 6/2, Sivák 5
Pok. 4/2 – 3/3, exclusion: 3 – 9, ČK: 41. D. Pogány, 60. B. Sivák (both N. Zámky) for 3 exclusions: Budzák and Varga, 420 spectators

New Lock came out to meet when in the 7th minute they won 6: 1. The five-goal lead remained until the end of the 1st half (17:12). The guests in the 42nd minute led 22:19, but Topoľčany with four goals in turn turned the score of the score to their side (23:22). Home at the beginning of the 53rd.min had a three-goal lead (27:24) on the Straka goal, but then they came and the teams scored points in the 28:28 draw.