Tennis is a rough world, I live with one bag, says heroine Safarova

SPORT MAGAZINE By tennis, she drenched my daddy to smoke, and now she experiences the most beautiful moments in her career. Lucie Safarova is preparing to defend the Wimbledon Semifinal after the final campaign at the French Open, and in Friday’s Sport Magazine she tells about childhood in a caravan, chef Pohlreich or how the coach in America forced her to return the biscuits.

Many people think that tennis is beautiful and idyllic.
“It’s a rough world. Especially you jump to him very young. It’s not about going to the world tournament at eighteen. I’ve been on the road since I was twelve. Every fourteen days you go out. And a professional tour? I’m not one month in the same time zone. We’re still moving and it’s not a toy.The body has broken regimes, but it has to start training right now, because in four days you play the first game. Then the tournament ends and you move again. This is from January to November. “

Is not there a chance that the world will fall out during the tournament?
” In Paris I was three weeks old . Once I got to the Eiffel Tower because there was a gaming party there. Otherwise, I spent time in the premises and in the apartment we rented. It’s life with one bag that you always pack and unpack. The older I am, the more I want to have it at home, the comfort of home.What can you pack in a bag that has only 25 pounds? “

That would also be of interest to me.
” First of all, sports stuff and then a few civilians. I’ve been with it all year. That’s why we are always looking forward to opening the wardrobe at home and we can take something different every day. “

What in your bag can never be missed?
“It’s terrible, but the phone. Because it’s the only link to the family on the go. “

Could you live in the United States?
” Depending on where. But I still love it here. I will not let go of the Czech Republic!I can imagine that I would have been here for a while in America, or anywhere else in the country, but I still like it here. “

What would you bring here from America? > “There is a higher living standard. As far as services are concerned, everything is at a much higher level. Access to the customer is better. Maybe now I’m in the process of preparing for this incident. I went to the shop, bought biscuits. I had them with other things in my bag, and when I got into the car, I found out they were distracted. I said, Well, I will not eat it. Coach to do it right now: Let’s go get it changed when it’s done. I do it: And who will believe me that I did not make it on the way to the car I? He asked me: And did you make it? She did not. So go back. “

Did you obey?
” Yeah.I came to the cashier and she immediately: Go get new biscuits. You have left me and have given me the new ones! These are just such trifles. You buy something and in 14 days you can return it without a receipt. They believe you and people do not abuse it. And they are friendly to each other. It is the basis. I think this might be a little bit abused here. “

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