The judges cut us in, losing Kolocka and Sluka in Prague

The highest seeded Kolocová and Sluková at Prague Open first defeated Swiss Betschartovou and Eiholzerovou seamlessly 2: 0th In the second match, however, they lost unexpectedly the same ratio with German Schumacher and Seyfferth. After eight victories in a row it was the first loss of the best Czech pair Štvanice.

“The defeat is not a fairy tale, but the game we failed. There was no interplay between us, we were unable to comply, “Slukova said. “We are from the burr, go back again and win.” On Friday, waiting for the favored Czechs Finnish couple Lehtonenová, Lahti, which both their matches in the group won.

The defeat of the German women took on coach Kolocová and puffs .Austrian Simon Nausch fought the referees before the game because he wanted to play one training ball, but it was not allowed. “I can lose,” said Nausch, apparently upset after the match. Along with the players, he complained that the Czech judge was injured several times in the first set. “The girls should not put it, but it happened,” the coach said.

“The judge has cut us off quite a lot. In my block, I was not in the network and he was banging. Then there was another nonsense, and that should not happen. They are just humans, they can do the mistake, but he did the power.Then we were so careful, “she said. “But Bonner and Hermann had not made a mechbox in tie-break for the first time and lost in three sets with well-defeated Dutch pair Braakman, Sinnema. “Nervousness was too big, we wanted to win too much. We tried, but we were bound, “said Bonner.

The winners of the JAR december tournament were defeated and the Brazilian couple, Lili, Maxim, overcame 2: 0 in the second. “We played our game and it came out.We pushed them down and we dropped them down, “Bonner said. “We went to it more courageously than in the first game,” added Hermann.

Prohru and then win the winners of the wild card, experienced Háječková and Nováková. Against the second Brazilians, Bednarczuk and Seixas first beat only eight points in the first set and the second act lost 17:21. But in the second match they beat the Germans Bieneck and Grossner 2: 1.

All three Czech couples have the hope of moving to play-off. Final matches in the four-member groups are on the agenda Friday, and you must end up in the third place.