They claimed that lasts until death. Blatter gave up after four days

Swiss Joseph Sepp Blatter (79) was practically a lifetime sports officials. A lawyer by training began in the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation.

The moment was the director of the company Longines, which since time immemorial has worked closely with the International Olympic Committee. Then mark the official sponsor would not exist, the Olympic movement has pretended to be an amateur. Blatter learned shoving and choose, under counter ‘money. Amateur footballer

He played amateur football for FC tiny Salgesch. Certainly not the fault of Blatterovou club for some time disappeared, because his players were flying in smuggling marijuana and beat referee.Later omnipotent master of world football, however, can boast neither parent football club.

A native of Visp in the canton of Valais passed into the structures of the World Football Federation (FIFA) in 1975. He was the technical director, general secretary since 1998 boss. He commanded nearly 400 million soccer players who play in official competitions. By comparison, the US has 320 million people.

“The FIFA Congress I felt like the gatherings of some sects. Before he becomes a great man and a troubled voice thundered enemies, bad media, bad news.Blatter wanted to die in a job, “FIFA chief Italian Guido Tognoni said before the recent FIFA chief election.

French diplomat Jerome Champagne, who for a time wanted to be Blatter’s opponent, said:” What functions He was aged forty, you need a strong stomach. The Swiss is a classic machiavellist, which does not necessarily have to do any harm. FIFA looks like a democratic organization, but he rules.Blatter, the FIFA can only get rid quietly. “Continued article belongs to premium content You too you can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Save Book 1 € 80, compared with a monthly subscription monthly subscription of € 0.98 Book Price € 0.98 valid for new subscribers the first month. Other months are for a price of € 3.90.