Vardy solved the transfer to the EURO and upset England. Wife asks for an apology

Attacker Jamie Vardy gives the leadership of the English representation a good deal. During the ongoing EURO in France, he was first shocked by the fans when he was running into Arsenal and then came another turn when he suddenly lengthened the Leicester contract. Though he does not seem to have done anything serious, coach Roy Hodgson is angry. The 21-year-old shooter had to give Albion his word that he would not let go of all his futures after the championship.

Who will be in the eight-finals against Iceland? What is the tactic? Will England advance to the quarterfinals? These questions are not addressed around the English football team in the French tournament.

In the last few days, Jamie Vardy was the most prolific.He refused to transfer to Arsenal and decided to remain in Leicester, who had won the Premier League in the last season. His talks between the London club and “foxes”, however, accompanied by passionate discussions among the fans.

And that did not like the leadership of the English representation at all.Vardy should have given the promise to the EURO that he will not solve his future during the tournament and will be fully focused on representation duties.

But that did not happen. “Leicester has agreed with Jamie Vardy’s prolongation of the contract,” the acting champion of the English Football Association shocked his unexpected official statement. “Jamie will continue to concentrate only on the duties with the national team at the championship in France and no further comments will be given until the end of the tournament,” he added to the club’s assurance.

However, according to reports from the Islands, this Vardy’s dismemberment The EURO had no effect on Monday’s duel against Iceland, which decides whether the English will move to the quarterfinals in the tournament or head back home.

Wife wants an apology from fans

Vardy’s alleged transfer to Arsenal was almost forfeit, and it was a real shame between the English striker and the Leicester fans.They were argued that he would be willing to change Arsenal. Vardy’s wife, who at the time was on Twitter, wrote a message about London, which immediately caught all the media and took the transfer for the final.

During the EURO, however, Vardy’s view of the departure of the cannibals changed. Leicester kept one of his biggest stars. The twenty-nine-year-old striker has signed a new four-year contract with the club and sticks to 70,000 pounds a week at 100,000.

And Vardy’s wife? She is now asking for an apology for the fans who damned her husband. “I wonder how many of you who have been driving me will have a sphere to apologize? Troubled…”, she said on Twitter.