Velez-Zuzul in Zagreb at start number 1: Each race is different

ZÁHREB-SLJEME – Veronika Velez-Zuzul enjoys the atmosphere of the World Cup as never before. Around the jaguar slalom star there is more rush in the history of the traditional event in Zagreb.

As long as the Westin, in the center of the Croatian capital city, is transported to the nearby “Medvedí Vršok” on Friday morning, she has undergone traditional procedures. In the early evening training with her husband, Romain Velez, and the evening celebration in the city center, she had to go through some more “action” media than usual.

However, the whole thing is not allowed around.Even before the slalom in the favorite Sljeme resort (15.45 / 18.30), she was thinking especially about a particular competition: “It’s all amazing, but I will only be happy after the season. “It’s not time for any big celebrations, you need to constantly concentrate on what’s coming, and that release and the true sense of joy of success will come after the season,”

Father Timothy Zuzula enjoys the fruit of his drunk more. As the team chief has already delegated more training duties to his team and both feel relieved even after engaging an Austrian serviceman. An expert on this activity paid a hole in a professional team that his “boss” had “resisted” in particular during times of crisis three years ago.Now his daughter, after two triumphs in the SP race, is fighting for the honor of the slalom queen throughout the season. She’s just the second behind Slovenia’s star Tina Maze, and it is openly said that Veronika Velez-Zuzul is a small globe candidate.

“Yes, it’s true. I do not want to talk about it, I really like it, it’s really good to have a few more races and then it will be seen. We will see what will be tomorrow…” Highlighted the Slovak ski star.

At the ceremony, Zuzula pulled out the number 1 and had great joy.The whole event was euphoric, and for Slovak skiing, it was extremely spirited. Spectators have made Veronike the greatest applause, and they have rewarded them with an inspiration in a fluent Croatian that has been in control for years. She was also the main subject of stage interviews with former leading Croatian slalom players Nika Fleissová and Anou Jelušičová, who belonged to her biggest friends. They also praised him not only from the heart, but also praised his will and great abilities that put her along with Slovenia Tina Mazeova in the position of clear favorites.

Petra Vlhová will again start on Friday. Just like last week in her premiere between the elite, she has the number 39 with which she won the 11th place at Semmering.