Vyšehrad takes the second league, Domažlice refused it and the union is looking for it

Sigma Olomouc B won the Moravian-Silesian Football League and took advantage of the participation.

Vyšehrad in the Czech Football League finished third. However, the winners of the Bohemians of Republika Srpska refused the procedure and entered the Prague Championship. The second in the rank of Domazlice was taking part in the last minute, but eventually they said no.

“We do not miss the taste, such an opportunity does not have to be repeated. We’re not afraid to go into risk, but I’m not a gambler. It was a gibberish term if we had more time at the hearing, maybe it was different.But after considering all the circumstances, we decided to stay in ČFL next season, “Jaroslav Ticháček, president of the club, said.

Vyšehrad already sent the application. “The association has addressed us with the offer of participation in the Football National League, which we will use and accept,” the club website quoted the owner and trainer Jaroslav Klíma.

If the Domažlice were higher, Vyšehrad would be replaced by another popular Prague club.

However, a professional competition is likely to play in Zizkov, because the Vyšehrad stadium does not meet the second-league parameters. And the Žižkov stall, which is only 3 metro stops and one tram stop from Vyšehrad, is offered as the most suitable option.However, migration to another area of ​​Prague is also considered. Strahov? Xaverov? Juliska? Eden? DOLÍČEK? Or Střížkov?

For Klima and sports director of Vyšehradský club František Ševinsky, champion of the 2011 league with Pilsen, this means a lot of work. From day to day, he must secure the budget for the second league and, above all, build up an adequate player squad that would play a dignified role in the second league. Due to the lack of time to ensure “everything necessary”, Domažlice’s participation has just collapsed.

The path was opened higher by the Bohemians after the Bohemians had refused. “After twenty-three years of acting in football, I no longer have the motivation to move around in an environment where rules and regulations are not respected. This can also be proved in the most recent case of Caslav.The association does not observe the regulations, the social climate in our football is bad and undignified, “said Čarel, the head of the Bohemians of Czechoslovakia, Karel Kapr. Čáslav did not finish in the descent but the association contracted several Jiren matches due to the unauthorized start of the player. Originally descending New Bydzov earned extra points and Caslav, who made no mistake, skipped the table. Jirny dropped from the second place to the center of the table, their position on the silver figure was so Domažlice…

It is scandalous that the association after the first unjustified start of the player Jiren did not alert the mistake and let it play in the rest of the spring .Due to an administrative error similarly last year they fell in Kunice.

The second league was passed between Olomouc and Zlín, alternating between Hradec Králové and České Budějovice.

Descent from the second highest competition met Kolín and Bridge to replace Sigma Olomouc B and Vysehrad. In its 108-year history, the club is the very first time. But who goes to Zizkov?

The association has a problem. Playing with fifteen participants is not a good solution. That is why she approached other teams in order, even reaching the tenth Štěchovice, which they also rejected. This was the 11th Benešov, once the first league club.