What is the success of the best team in history?

BRATISLAVA. So far in Europe gained in one season treble, so the three major trophies (domestic title, cup and Champions League) only seven clubs, but neither has it failed twice. Barcelona on Saturday.

The generation around Messi, Iniesta and Xavi is the best club team of the world over the past decade. And perhaps in the history. Within nine years, won the Champions League four times already.

“When I look at what I’ve won, so I can say one thing. I am very lucky to play just in Barcelona, ​​”he admitted to sport.es Andrés Iniesta.

According to UEFA the best player in the final. It was he who assists on Saturday against Juventus on the first goal Rakitic.Iniesta goal also prepared in the Champions League final in 2009 and 2011. Assisting in the final three matches to none other nedokázal.Cvičí Pilates

The success of the Catalans is not accidental, is behind the special fitness training. Players have a medical and physiotherapy services and special equipment for elimination of fatigue, but also prepare individual.

perhaps Lionel Messi regularly practicing Pilates. This leads to a stiffening core body and a better stability. Therefore, small Argentinian during the battles presses the ball from even more robust opponent.

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